Justene Williams

Justene Williams is an established artist with a practice spanning 30 years. She is well-known for her large-scale immersive live works, multi-channel video installations, photographs and sculptures. Drawing from personal narrative, pop culture and dreams, channelling the spirits of art history, transforming the prosaic through action, energy and emotion. Williams attempts to conjure invisible forces between corporeal and intangible worlds. Celebrating the avant-garde dream of the ‘total artwork,’ while deconstructing and communicating with a 21st century body —domesticating and situating it in the reality and absurdity of now. Her work is held collections such as The TATE London, The Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney , Monash University Modern Art, Melbourne, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Auckland Art Gallery, New Zealand, National Gallery of Canberra. Residencies include 1 Shanthi Road Bangalore India (Carriageworks), Tokyo Studio Australia Council for the Arts, Stichting B.A.D Rotterdam, Campbelltown Art Centre, Artspace Sydney.

- Griffith University