John Pule: Hauaga (Arrivals)

Eyecontact site John Pule Installation View

John Pule: Hauaga (Arrivals), Installation View of The Pulenoa Triptych, City Gallery Wellington, 2010. Photo Credit: Andrew Beck and Eye Contact Site

John Pule: Hauaga (Arrivals)

  • Where

    City Gallery Wellington

  • When

    29 October 2010 - 12 September 2010

John Pule is not only a significant New Zealand artist, he is a major presence in Pacific culture and plays a pivotal role in the presentation of that culture globally. His art has been included in major exhibitions in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Major collections of his work are held at the Queensland Art Gallery and as far afield as the National Gallery of Scotland.

John Pule: Hauaga (Arrivals) was the first monographic exhibition of Pule’s art shown in a public gallery.