Patrick Henigan

Patrick Henigan was born 1925 in Staffordshire, UK. After working in coalmines and then active service in the British Navy during WWII he arrived in Australia in 1950. Not long after he joined the Franciscan Order and in 1954 he professed his simple vows. In 1971 in Brisbane, he had his first formal introduction to art and in 1976 he was permitted by the Franciscan Order to attend the Brisbane College of Art. Shortly after being moved to Melbourne, he enrolled at Prahran Technical College and completed his full-time diploma of art in 1978 (aged 53 years). Patrick‚Äôs work is held in the Australian National Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, LaTrobe University Gallery, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Latrobe Regional Gallery, and the The Kedumba Collection of Australian Drawings.

- Ensemble Fine Art