Giovanni Intra

Artist, writer and gallery owner, Giovanni Intra (1968 - 2002) was born in Auckland and studied at Elam School of Fine Arts. He was a founding member of the alternative space Teststrip Gallery (1992-97). He moved to Los Angeles in 1996, founding the artist-run gallery China Art Objects in 1999. The archive contains: A scrapbook of articles written by Giovanni Intra in original folder; 12 folders and various loose-leaf documents containing research notes, drawings, correspondence, interviews, essays, exhibitions and other projects (c.1986 -1995); 3 bound volumes of drawings: 'Clinic' (1992), 'Liquid Light' (1994)and 'Yellow Light' (1994); bound copy of Masters dissertation 'Subculture: Bataille, Big Toe, Dead Doll' (1993) and a large number of works on paper by Intra and others. The material can be summarised as audio-visual material, photographs, postcards, correspondence, invitations, other documents and artworks.