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Daniel Crooks at the Auckland Arts Festival - Crossings

New still photographs by Daniel Crooks can be seen in the Bledisloe Walkway Lightboxes from February 28th to April 28th, as part of the Auckland Arts Festival and Auckland City Council's Public Art Programme.

"The mesmerising works of Melbourne-based New Zealander Daniel Crooks present an ongoing investigation into the materiality and geometry of time. Through a practice spanning digital stills, moving image and installation he plays with the idea of a video recording as a 'volume' that can be re-ordered to offer alternative yet equally valid visual readings. Crooks returns to his home city to present two distinct works in very different Auckland venues, both studies of the human figure in urban space."

Daniel Crooks - Auckland Arts Festival

Crooks' work from the collection: Static No. 16 (fisher-yates shuffle)


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