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2019 Arts Month - understanding art as...

The Chartwell Trust wants more people to understand and value the arts in their exercise their creative visit art galleries to see how artists engage in creative visual thinking and demonstrate to us all how they think and see and make in their world. We want to not only enable everybody to understand they are creative human beings capable of imaginative thought in all aspects of their lives, from their jobs to their leisure time, but we want to grow the audience for our public art galleries...encourage people to visit a 'gymnasium for the mind/public art gallery'...and experience the visual, not in a vacuum, but as part of our everyday experience. So we are supporting Arts Month.

In September 2019, the Arts Foundation, with the help of Creative NZ, Chartwell Trust, NZME, Phantom and Go Media, are going live and wide throughout Aotearoa New Zealand to create open and safe spaces to share what art is to Aotearoa. It's time to give the arts some much needed oxygen to help grow their understanding and support. if you visit, you will see an online drawing tool where you can express what art is for you. We invite you and your community to the kōrero. Let's shine the spotlight on arts and creativity in our communities and map out Aotearoa's own definitions of art. Use #artsmonth for your posts to social media and grow the conversation.

Why is this so important? Chartwell supports this initiative because it helps us think about art in our lives - why it might not be there, how it can be a part of us more. So we are getting the country talking - what is art to us all? We aren't talking about art in a gold frame here - art is a creative way of thinking that allows our imagination and intuition, our joy for play, our curiosity and our free wheeling thoughts to be expressed.

Check out the article in the NZ Herald by David Kirk, published on 27 August 2019 where he says: " The divide between sport and the arts is established early and it is hard to bridge...We can and should look at ourselves from every angle, from the end of a hockey stick and the end of a paint and the arts are different and complementary ways of learning about the world and about ourselves. Sport is a stronger expression of human physical endeavour: the arts a stronger expression of human creative endeavour. We complicated humans need both to thrive."  NZ Herald, NZME, partner of the Arts Month, Arts Foundation of New Zealand.

If you want an easy, accessible way to access your human creative endeavour, visit Chartwell's project called Squiggla. Exercise for your creative mind.


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