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They Come From Far Away

They Come From Far Away is a performance series from 10 - 13 February supported by the Chartwell Trust at Te Uru, Waitakere Contemporary Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand. Featured are artists: Antti Laitinen, Eero Yli-Vakkuri, Pilvi Porkola in collaboration with Claire O'Neil, Matthew Cowan, Leena Kela, val smith, Stephen Bain and Nisha Madhan, Joshua Sofaer, Oblivia, Mark Harvey and Sean Curham.

The series explores notions of the familiar/unfamiliar, being alien/belonging, being foreign/local and being seen/unseen.Co-curated by Leena Kela (Finland), Christopher Hewitt (Germany) and Titirangi’s Mark Harvey, the series is situated in locations around the surrounding environment, in addition to the main gallery. Live performances are accompanied by video screenings and public talks. See for the Performance Schedule.

For Tree Reconstruction, by Antii Laitinen, working in the main gallery stairwell, the artist first chops down a tree, chops it into small pieces, then tries to rebuild the tree using a hammer and nails.In 2013, the artist exhibited in the Finnish Pavillion for the Venice Biennale.

Opening night: The tree is cut into small pieces ready for reconstruction inTe Uru's main stairwell.

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