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  1. Your Boat My Scenic Personality of Space
    Justene Williams
  2. Fish
    Ronnie van Hout
  3. Heavy Metal (Schmidtsche Schak Factory...
    Phil Dadson
  4. Anatomia Sonora da Camera
    Phil Dadson
  5. 24Hr body
    Ruth Buchanan
  6. Myers Playground
    Shannon Novak
  7. Head-Painting (Asbestos Tracking in Hi...
    Guy Benfield
  8. The Host (Part II)
    Gavin Hipkins
  9. Aerial Farm
    Phil Dadson
  10. Cont Ship 1
    Clinton Watkins
  11. The Ability to Blow Themselves Up
    Seung Yul Oh
  12. Kuka makes a painting
    Simon Ingram
  13. Like Two Ships
    Grant Stevens
  14. As Many Structures As I Can
    Richard Maloy
  15. Ascents and descents in realtime
    Alex Monteith
  16. Drawing 1
    Gabriella Mangano, Silvana Mangano

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