Call Waiting: A Celebration of the NEW Gallery

Call Waiting: A Celebration of the NEW Gallery 1995 - 2011

Auckland Art Gallery: New Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
20 November 2010 to 20 May 2011

'Fifteen years ago, when the NEW Gallery opened, the Auckland Art Gallery saw it as 'a new home for contemporary art in Auckland'. And so it has proved to be. Dozens of exhibitions large and small, from New Zealand and from around the world,  from the gallery's own collection and from a myriad of individual and corporate lenders, from artists and from institutions, as well as new, interesting, surprising, enjoyable and memorable art events. The New Gallery relieved the pressure on exhibition spaces in the main Art Gallery and helped revitalise Auckland's arts precinct, attracting dealer galleries to the area and brightening the Auckland arts scene.'

Curated by Alexa Johnston

Review of Call Waiting by John Hurrell on EyeContact

Works from the Chartwell Collection in the exhibition: