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Black Market Next to my Name

ArtistDaniel Malone
Production Date2007
Mediummixed media - series of materials including books, records, tapes, ephemera
Size9000 x 6500 mm
DepartmentNew Zealand Art
Accession Date24 Aug 2007
Accession NoC2007/1/22
Credit LineChartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, 2007

Chartwell Notes

"Daniel Malone’s Black Market Next to My Name, at Gambia Castle, involves the installation of the artist’s entire flat in the gallery. Clothes, personal letters, records and artworks are crammed into the otherwise capacious castle. It’s a fitting finale to Malone’s manifesto, that his art practice will only utilise materials from daily living. For Malone, the meniscus between art and life has always been permeable – now it seems that the two have merged irrevocably."

Review - 'Everything must go' by Tessa Laird in The Listener, June 2007

"Rumour has it that some of the objects appearing in Malone’s 2007 show didn’t even belong to the artist (it’s understandable: who doesn’t have a book or beach towel belonging to someone else at their house?). It does, however, provide problems for institutional cataloguers who need to record and account for every part of an artwork. The acquisition of Black Market Next to My Name in its entirety by the Chartwell Trust/Auckland Art Gallery adds another intriguing layer to this work; an amplification of its absurd qualities."

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial
Review of Unpacking My Library by Kate Brettkelly-Chalmers on EyeContact

"Daniel Malone’s work is a catalogue attempted by memory alone, listing all the personal possessions (including cardboard rubbish he refused to discard) that he left behind when he moved to Poland, where he now lives, and which made up a Gambia Castle exhibition he sold to the Chartwell Collection.

The recounted, shorter list was written on a long wall in Paintstik by an assistant using a ‘tagger’ script with upper case printing and vertical bars through S’s and O’s. It vaguely relates to Douglas Gordon’s list on a wall of everybody he has ever met since 1990 that he can remember. Malone’s attempted inventory, with its graffiti form of presentation, seems out of place within a municipal gallery where it looks compromised. It would make a far more interesting project if it were ‘defacing’ Te Tuhi’s outer walls and genuinely drawing on the urban politics of the text ‘font’."

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial
Review of Unpacking My Library by John Hurrell on EyeContact

Exhibition History

Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts
Unpacking My Library: Dan Arps, Xin Cheng, Bill Culbert, The Estate of L. Budd, Peter Madden, Daniel Malone, Elizabeth McAlpine, Neil Pardington, Ann Shelton
13 February - 11 April 2010
Curated by Stephen Cleland

Gambia Castle
Black Market Next to My Name
18 May - 16 June 2007