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australian, colourfield, kinetic

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Automated Colour Field (Variation 1)

ArtistRebecca Baumann
Production Date2013
Medium28 flip clocks, laser-cut paper, batteries
Size900 x 1430 x 90 mm
DepartmentInternational Art
Accession Date14 Nov 2013
Accession NoC2013/1/26/2.1-28
Credit LineChartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, purchased 2013

Chartwell Notes

Australian artist Rebecca Baumann’s colourful and kinetic sculpture Automated Colour Field (Variation 1) was acquired from Starkwhite gallery in 2013, during their participation in the Auckland Art Fair. The acquisition provides the Chartwell Collection with an opportunity to enlarge its representation of innovative, modernist Australian art.

Automated Colour Field offers a continuous and gridded colour experience, similar to modernist colour-field paintings. The work’s colour spectrum changes with the random flipping of the paper rectangles; the viewer can anticipate the change, and there is excitement in the potential to experience different and contrasting colour combinations. Unlike a static painting, Baumann’s work has the potential to captivate an audiences’ attention for long periods of time because of the excitement and fun involved in anticipating and seeing the kinetics in operation.

Baumann’s intelligent merging of stimulating technology and the history of modernist painting makes Automated Colour Field an innovative component in the Chartwell Collection’s compendium of works which represent new and exciting contemporary art practices. (RW, 2014)

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