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australia, colour, performance, video

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Your Boat My Scenic Personality of Space

ArtistJustene Williams
Production Date2012
Medium2 channel video, colour, sound
Size120 x 80 mm
DepartmentInternational Art
Accession Date08 Nov 2012
Accession NoC2012/1/35.1-2
Credit LineChartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, purchased 2012

Chartwell Notes

"Your Boat My Scenic….." was made for, and exhibited recently (2012)  at, Queensland Art Gallery/GoMA in Julie Ewington's "Contemporary Australia: Women" exhibition.

"Known for an aesthetic that the artist describes as ‘baroque grunge’, Williams’s recent works have become increasingly elaborate combinations of video post-production, sound and lighting. Energetic and seemingly chaotic, Williams’s fantastic performance videos are extravagant, highly-considered and immensely enjoyable. For ‘Contemporary Australia: Women’, Williams presents two works that dance in a kind of dialogue, (including) Your boat my scenic personality of space, displayed on two large screens, shows two performers  involved in what Williams calls a ‘lovers’ discourse’. They are shown pulling on ropes and tying themselves up in knots, performing a fan dance and engaging a water pistol battle." QAG website.