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abstract, abstraction, art history, black, dark, installation, malevich, painting, wall installation

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Site Works: Second Series 2011

ArtistStephen Bambury
Production Date2011
Mediumacrylic on 21 aluminium panels, wooden brackets and paper template for installation
Size2500 x 3950 mm
DepartmentNew Zealand Art
Accession Date07 Jul 2011
Accession NoC2011/1/15/1
Credit LineChartwell Collection, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, purchased 2011


Stephen Bambury’s Site Works: Second Series, 2011 is a wall installation that pays tribute to Kazimir Malevich’s 0, 10 exhibition at Marsovo Pole in Petrograd during the winter of 1915–16. With that project, Malevich introduced artists to Russian Suprematism, whose geometric abstraction uses circles, squares, lines and rectangles while employing few colours. Bambury’s 21 black panels mirror the layout of Malevich’s 0, 10 paintings, as is apparent from the adjacent period photograph. Bambury is intrigued by how the movement in Malevich’s geometric paintings reveals how very simple forms can pulse forwards and back in space.