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Edwin Tanner - Untitled (Logic)

Edwin Tanner  Untitled (Logic)  1960s  Pastel on paper  more

Georgie Hill - Forecast (Detail)

Georgie Hill  Forecast (Detail) 2019 Watercolour on paper with incisions  Triptych, each 441 x 407mm  more

Richard Frater - Stop Shell (Live rock version)

Richard Frater  Stop Shell (Live rock version) 2017 Fossilized coral, 3D printed macroscopic graphs, coral organism, marine aquarium, bio-media, plexiglass 1460 x 400 x 400mm more

Nola Campbell - Patjarr Creek

Nola Campbell  Patjarr Creek  2017  Ink on paper  755 x 970mm (framed) more

David Shrigley - Untitled

David Shrigley  Untitled  2018 Acrylic on paper  500 x 340mm more

Stephen Bambury - Factum 1

Stephen Bambury  Factum 1  2018 Acrylic on aluminium  1170 x 1104mm  more

Carl Sydow - Untitled

Carl Sydow  Untitled  c. 1973 Ink on paper  522 x 635mm  more

Carl Sydow - Meander

Carl Sydow  Meander  1970  Perspex, aluminium and plastic hose  Dimensions variable  more

Julian Hooper - Absent Minded Professor

Julian Hooper  Absent Minded Professor  2019  Acrylic on canvas  605 x 455mm  more

Robert Ellis - Untitled (13): Motorway Series

Robert Ellis  Untitled (13): Motorway Series  1967  Ink and watercolour on paper  745 x 540mm more

Andrew McLeod - Ruler (4th Level)

Andrew McLeod  Ruler (4th Level)  2006  Pigmented inkjet print  1170 x 830mm  Edition 1/2 more

Julian Dashper - Pages

Julian Dashper  Pages  1984  Acrylic, oil, graphite on canvas  2100 x 1640mm more

Robert Ellis - Pleiades VIII

Robert Ellis  Pleiades VIII  1974 Oil on canvas  1510 x 1810mm more

Julian Hooper - Lovesick

Julian Hooper  Lovesick  2019  Acrylic on canvas  380 x 305mm  more

Julian Hooper - Revolver

Julian Hooper  Revolver  2019  Acrylic on canvas  330 x 255mm more

Star Gossage - A Day at Pareparea Bay

Star Gossage  A Day at Pareparea Bay 2019  Oil on canvas  630 x 630mm (framed) more

Patrick Pound - Before the Exhibition

Patrick Pound  Before the Exhibition  2000  Oil on linen (framed) 920 x 1525mm more