Chartwell Philosophy

 Sara Hughes, Crash

The Chartwell Collection seeks to promote enquiry and understandings about the significance of contemporary visual arts practice and process. There is a desire to facilitate wide interest and respect for the thinking involved in its making and viewing.

There is also a commitment to the significance of the visual arts to general creative thinking.
The Chartwell Collection celebrates:
  • The achievements of visual artists
  • The public art gallery functions
  • The contribution of the visual arts to growing the culture
  • Increasing understandings of the psychological and conceptual benefits available to everyone via the visual arts.
Understand the Gallery of Art as a Gymnasium for the Mind.

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes", Marcel Proust
"The man who has organized his life his work and himself is a genuine artist", Alexander Rodchenko
"Imagination is more important than knowledge", Einstein