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PĀNiA! at Auckland Art Fair

Auckland Art Fair 2019

Opening Night: Wednesday 1 May, 5-9pm

General Entry: Thursday 2 May - Sunday 5 May

PĀNiA! at the Auckland Art Fair

Chartwell is proud to support PĀNiA!s Nounman at the 2019 Auckland Art Fair in association with Mokopōpaki and Francis McWhannell. This Whanaungatanga (translated as kinship) Project is also supported by Creative New Zealand and an anonymous donor.

Whanaungatanga curator, Francis McWhannell delves into the Nounman Project:

"[PĀNiA!'s] fair project was inspired by [Bruce] Nauman's word stacks. PĀNiA! invited me to collaborate, requesting lists of my favourite things. Some of my responses were too long, so judicious shaving was required. She kept only words for 'things, male names, and place names'. This trimming is a light-hearted nod to the fact that we both 'like men', as well as a play on the name Nauman - Nounman being a near-homophone..." 

"Making the pun visual, PĀNiA! appropriates a 'universal man', turning this very familiar wayfinding symbol into a larger-than-life neon. Should he feel shy, PĀNiA!'s big, buck naked orange Nounman need only reach for his towel, wrapping himself up in a text close to his heart... Do feel free to make up your own meanings, but please remember to bring your own soap."


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