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On Show: Colin McCahon, French Bay 1957, from the Chartwell Collection

Colin McCahon, French Bay, 1957 at Centre for Contemporary Art, Hamilton

Colin McCahon’s work, French Bay, 1957, an oil on canvas on board in the Chartwell Collection, is currently on show at the Auckland Art Gallery. It is featured in Freedom and Structure: Cubism and New Zealand Art 1930–1960, curated by Julia Waite. Here, in this photograph from the Chartwell archives, is the work as it was exhibited in November 1987 at Chartwell’s Centre for Contemporary Art, Hamilton (1982-1994), in the company of McCahon’s Rocks at French Bay, a 1959 oil on canvas also in the Collection. It is a thrill to see it looking so beautiful in Julia’s exhibition at the Auckland Art Gallery in 2015. You can see it there on Level 1 of the gallery until March 2016.


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