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City Gallery Wellington senior curator

In May 2013, City Gallery Wellington announced the appointment of Robert Leonard to the position of Senior Curator. Currently Director of Brisbane’s Institute of Modern Art, Robert Leonard is one of New Zealand’s most experienced exhibition makers. Before moving to Brisbane in 2005 he... more

Video recording of Upright Piano, Samuel Holloway et al.

Upright Piano, Samuel Holloway et al., is a recent acquisition to the Chartwell Collection. There is a performative aspect to the work, in which an invited pianist is involved. In the video below, Hermione Johnson performs the second realisation of Upright Piano, Samuel Holloway et al. on... more

Chartwell artist takes part in 13th Istanbul Biennial

Nicholas Mangan participates in the 13th Istanbul Biennial titled 'Mom, am I a Barbarian?'  (14 September - 10 October 2013) curated by Fulya Erdemci with his film 'A World Undone' courtesy of Chartwell Collection. For further information visit more