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  1. Con-Version 3.33R
    Robert Jahnke
  2. Snow White in a Snowstorm
    Rohan Wealleans
  3. Narcissus (Plunge)
    James Ross
  4. Chance And Opportunity
    Giuseppe Romeo
  5. Tiki With Chair Caning
    Dick Frizzell
  6. Counting Device
    Andrew Drummond
  7. Untitled (The Scream)
    Julian Dashper
  8. Fire Divides / Water Freezes
    Janet Laurence
  9. Peter's Tree
    William Yaxley
  10. Untitled
    Derrick Cherrie
  11. Twin Infinities
    Anton Parsons
  12. Reductions
    Paul Cullen
  13. Oxus/Jaxartes
    Michael Hight
  14. Mute Entities
    Dan Arps
  15. Weak Idea Grid Study I
    Dan Arps
  16. Fold on Fold
    Sriwhana Spong

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