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  1. zz44-20-Giordano Bruno
    Alberto Garcia-Alvarez
  2. Dream Home
    Kathy Temin
  3. Budget Home
    Kathy Temin
  4. Home
    Kathy Temin
  5. Orange Monochrome (for Peter Halley)
    John Nixon
  6. Fringe
    Glen Hayward
  7. Clutter Bag (Cracked white) II
    Angela de la Cruz
  8. Maroon Cross
    John Nixon
  9. 1976-27 (Cross Section)
    Alberto Garcia-Alvarez
  10. Mother's Tongue
    Sriwhana Spong
  11. Instrument A (Antonia)
    Sriwhana Spong
  12. Or In The Heart - Or In The Head
    John Reynolds
  13. 1999-22 (Crues)
    Alberto Garcia-Alvarez
  14. The Indefinite Article
    Michael Parekowhai
  15. Keveke
    Unknown artist
  16. Constructed Painting No. 13
    James Ross

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