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  1. Puddle Landscape III
    William F Robinson
  2. Day for Night (Little Barrier Island)...
    Mladen Bizumic
  3. Dog Days
    Tom Kreisler
  4. Scape 1
    Mladen Bizumic
  5. Hamilton Hotel
    Kees Sprengers
  6. Hamilton Hotel
    Kees Sprengers
  7. Suburban Light
    Ken Whisson
  8. The Equilibrist
    Paul van den Bergh
  9. Going Walkabout
    Robert Campbell Jnr
  10. Grey Lynn garden, Winter
    Allan McDonald
  11. "A New Leaf"
  12. So'omuta Village
    Andy Leleisi'uao
  13. Esula Village from a distance
    Andy Leleisi'uao

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