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  1. Faith
    Shane Cotton
  2. Upoko Wairua, Souvenirs'/Time
    Michael Shepherd
  3. Cauldrons
    Maria Olsen
  4. On Remembering Water
    Maria Olsen
  5. Untitled
    Giovanni Intra
  6. Puddle Landscape III
    William F Robinson
  7. Goal Posts, Scott Base Antarctica
    Anne Noble
  8. Plain of Jars
    Bill Culbert
  9. Grey Slacks
    Seraphine Pick
  10. Closer (Mercer)
    Yuk King Tan
  11. Taranaki
    Ronnie van Hout
  12. Landscape Of Mirrors
    Patrick Pound
  13. Suburban Light
    Ken Whisson
  14. Cross
    Shane Cotton
  15. Grey Lynn garden, Winter
    Allan McDonald
  16. Jar of pattern sky
    Richard Killeen

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