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  1. Object No. 12, Mount Gabriel, Ruby and...
    Fiona Connor
  2. Documentation of Object No. 12, Mount...
    Fiona Connor
  3. Science (pool complex)
    Paul Cullen
  4. Yoruba Wood Eshu Figure
    Unknown artist
  5. Milk and Honey
    Lonnie Hutchinson
  6. Len Lye
    Don Driver
  7. Con-Version 3.33R
    Robert Jahnke
  8. Shelf Life
    Eve Armstrong
  9. Tooled Skin Pocket
    Don Driver
  10. Drum
    Tom Risley
  11. Red Black White Gold
    Max Gimblett
  12. technique of approach 2 4 & 6
    l budd et al.
  13. Even for your greatest distraction I...
    Simon Cavanough
  14. Aquarium (with page)
    Nick Austin
  15. 1982-34
    Alberto Garcia-Alvarez
  16. Campisino Cross
    Peter Cole

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