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  1. Orange Monochrome
    John Nixon
  2. Shared Home
    Kathy Temin
  3. Ideal Home
    Kathy Temin
  4. Self-Portrait as Jug
    Tom Kreisler
  5. Racing Times I
    Jim Speers
  6. Spirit Level Yellow
    Simon Ingram
  7. Woman (Tilted Head)
    Vicki Varvaressos
  8. Block Painting (Brown Triangle on White)...
    John Nixon
  9. Block Painting (Black Cross on Red) 1993
    John Nixon
  10. They Comfort Me
    Michael Parekowhai
  11. Pacific Condition
    Pat Hanly
  12. Ancestor-Log
    Paul Hartigan
  13. Manson
    Peter Atkins
  14. Orange monochrome with two colours
    John Nixon
  15. Orange monochrome with four colours
    John Nixon
  16. Untitled (black and blue)
    Julian Dashper

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