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  1. Prior Knowledge
    Richard Killeen
  2. Chain Frame
    Julian Dashper
  3. AA50010.100015 The Unity of Appearance
    Estate of L.Budd (lionel b.)
  4. The Sea
    Andrew Barber
  5. Doomsday Horrogami
    Rohan Wealleans
  6. How Do We Learn?
    Richard Killeen
  7. Feedback Runaway Study
    Sara Hughes
  8. Mute Entities
    Dan Arps
  9. Lionel, X50933.1015
    Estate of L.Budd (lionel b.)
  10. Stack
    Helen Calder
  11. Unhinged Text (Dark Night)
    John Reynolds
  12. What is not a map? #2
    John Reynolds
  13. Bathroom
    Peter Powditch
  14. Campisino Cross
    Peter Cole
  15. Painting-by-Numbers
    Damien Hirst
  16. Black and Light #4
    Bill Culbert

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