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Found 22 artworks tagged as installation

  1. 18 Lives in Paradise
    Brook Andrew
  2. An obscure portrait extracted...
    Jacqueline Fraser
  3. Apport
    Dane Mitchell
  4. Arranged nail parts for the floor
    Richard Frater
  5. Black Market Next to my Name
    Daniel Malone
  6. Clear Out
    Eve Armstrong
  7. Colour Rhythm Discs # 3 and 5
    John Nixon
  8. E Rua Ngaa Taniwha
    Jacqueline Fraser
  9. Fold on Fold
    Sriwhana Spong
  10. Hei Tiki
    Jacqueline Fraser
  11. Network 7
    Peter Roche
  12. Run Off
    Eve Armstrong
  13. Site Works: Second Series 2011
    Stephen Bambury
  14. Spacific Plastics
    Bill Culbert
  15. Spectra V
    Ross Manning
  16. The Day is Our House
    Eve Armstrong

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