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  1. Tree Blossom
    Howard Taylor
  2. The Nearby Hill
    Margot Philips
  3. The Hills Bow Down
    Margot Philips
  4. Sun Tree Beginning
    John Reynolds
  5. The Sweet Forest
    Andrew McLeod
  6. To The Forest (No.7 Small)
    Brent Harris
  7. Untitled
    Philip Trusttum
  8. There Was A Dampness Under My Armpits
    Denys Watkins
  9. Connaughtmans Creek NSW
    Edward May
  10. Kauri
    Peter Peryer
  11. Landscape II
    Tony Clark
  12. Kauri
    Colin McCahon
  13. Riverbank With Bathers And Shadows
    Arthur Boyd
  14. Hamilton Hotel
    Kees Sprengers
  15. The Gardener
    Paul van den Bergh
  16. Peter's Tree
    William Yaxley

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