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  1. Woman (Tilted Head)
    Vicki Varvaressos
  2. Visitors Of The Night
    Charles Blackman
  3. Lindy At Night
    Patrick Pound
  4. 'Ome Is Where The Art Is
    Mike Brown
  5. Untitled
    Philip Clairmont
  6. Mindja
    Unknown artist
  7. The Politics Of Naming
    Richard Killeen
  8. not titled
    Tony Tuckson
  9. Chance
    Jeffrey Harris
  10. Upoko Wairua, Souvenirs'/Time
    Michael Shepherd
  11. '28' Diptych
    Jeffrey Harris
  12. Peter's Tree
    William Yaxley
  13. Manson
    Peter Atkins
  14. Taranaki
    Ronnie van Hout
  15. The Stationmaster's Dream
    Gary Tricker
  16. An All New Zealand Enterprise 2
    Mary McIntyre

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