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  1. Room 202
    Jacqueline Fraser
  2. The Day is Our House
    Eve Armstrong
  3. Chance And Opportunity
    Giuseppe Romeo
  4. Piece Work
    Rosalie Gascoigne
  5. Fresh from Walls
    Don Driver
  6. Science (pool complex)
    Paul Cullen
  7. Works From The Museum of Silence (Dept....
    Eugene Carchesio
  8. Foreign Affairs
    Rosalie Gascoigne
  9. Web
    Rosalie Gascoigne
  10. Hei Tiki
    Jacqueline Fraser
  11. Ladybug (Pornament)
    Hany Armanious
  12. Big Yellow
    Rosalie Gascoigne
    Robert MacPherson
  14. Blind I-II (component parts of the sound...
    l budd et al.
  15. Into The Black
    Chris Heaphy
  16. Sugar and Spice
    Don Driver

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