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  1. Woodsprite #6
    Stephen Birch
  2. Task for no pencil sharp enough
    Robert Pulie
  3. Landscape Painting 4
    Jake Walker
  4. Long and Slow
    Campbell Patterson
  5. Beach Study
    Sriwhana Spong
  6. Sculpture/Metal
    Louise Menzies
  7. Light Painting
    Nyapanyapa Yunupingu
  8. Omnipolis
    Gregory Bennett
  9. Fixational Eye (Variation)
    Ross Manning
  10. Frictionless painting (social colour)
    Simon Ingram
  11. Hauturu Doc (with soundtrack 'Adagio...
    Mladen Bizumic
  12. Hotel Polonia
    Daniel Malone
  13. Drunk Chimp
    Ronnie van Hout
  14. Psycho
    Ronnie van Hout
  15. Hanging by a Thread II
    Jim Allen

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