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  1. Head-Painting (Asbestos Tracking in Hi...
    Guy Benfield
  2. The Host (Part II)
    Gavin Hipkins
  3. Aerial Farm
    Phil Dadson
  4. Cont Ship 1
    Clinton Watkins
  5. The Ability to Blow Themselves Up
    Seung Yul Oh
  6. Kuka makes a painting
    Simon Ingram
  7. Like Two Ships
    Grant Stevens
  8. As Many Structures As I Can
    Richard Maloy
  9. Ascents and descents in realtime
    Alex Monteith
  10. Drawing 1
    Gabriella Mangano, Silvana Mangano
  11. Birds
    Charlie Sofo
  12. Static No.16 (fisher-yates shuffle)
    Daniel Crooks
  13. Spirit & Muscle
    Laresa Kosloff
  14. Untitled (the last second of the last...
    Julian Dashper
  15. Ground Zero (Clouds)
    Jae Hoon Lee
  16. "Invisible Touch" as an adaptation of...
    Tahi Moore

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