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  1. House
    Jim Speers
  2. Veilside
    Jim Speers
  3. Hardly Held Lightly
    John Ward Knox
  4. Marquette for a Sculpture
    John Panting
  5. Marquette for a Sculpture
    John Panting
  6. Crocheted Paintings from 'Cottage...
    Ani O'Neill
  7. Crocheted Painting from 'Comfort Zone'...
    Ani O'Neill
  8. welcome rest from 'Comfort Zone' 2001
    Ani O'Neill
  9. Totem Study
    Maurie Hughes
  10. Fragile Vessels
    Andrew Drummond
  11. Kiss The Baby Goodbye
    Michael Parekowhai
  12. Agitated #4
    Peter Roche
  13. Reverse Arcade
    David Keating
  14. Orange Skin (125 fl.oz.)
    Helen Calder
  15. Les Baer 1911 Thunder Ranch Special
    Michael Parekowhai
  16. Untitled
    Derrick Cherrie

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