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  1. Surveyor
    Ann Thomson
  2. Study For Blue Pool (2)
    James Ross
  3. On Remembering Water
    Maria Olsen
  4. Blind
    John Reynolds
  5. After P. Goldstein
    Peter Robinson
  6. Untitled
    Peter Robinson
  7. Etruscan Excavation
    Denys Watkins
  8. Sun Tung Fowl Ceremony
    Bill Brown
  9. Denouement II
    John Reynolds
  10. The Western Dream
    John Reynolds
  11. Kalashnikov Copy
    Jacqueline Fraser
  12. <<Not worth dying for>>...
    Jacqueline Fraser
  13. <<You are going to be "it">>...
    Jacqueline Fraser
  14. <<Infra-red decoy>>...
    Jacqueline Fraser
  15. <<Benzodiazepine gas>>...
    Jacqueline Fraser
  16. <<Surface-to-air batteries>>...
    Jacqueline Fraser

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