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  1. [Flower]
    Colin McCahon
  2. April 29th
    Alberto Garcia-Alvarez
  3. Cup & Crown
    Michael Stevenson
  4. Study For 'Waterfall'
    Robert Jesson
  5. Jesus Changed My Life in Eketahuna late...
    Michael Stevenson
  6. Falls The Shadow (1)
    James Ross
  7. Untitled #4
    Gordon Walters
  8. Gospel Caravan
    Michael Stevenson
  9. Rock Chick
    Michael Harrison
  10. Hot Pursuit
    Michael Harrison
  11. Magnetism
    Michael Harrison
  12. Plus
    Tony de Lautour
  13. Untitled
    Gordon Walters
  14. Earthlight II
    John Reynolds
  15. Earthlight IV
    John Reynolds
  16. Earthlight V
    John Reynolds

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