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  1. 24Hr body
    Ruth Buchanan
  2. Limits of the Model (Sequence 3)
    Daniel von Sturmer
  3. Sweet Apparition
    Richard Frater
  4. Hoop
    Boris Dornbusch
  5. Screen Shots
    Steve Carr
  6. A World Undone
    Nicholas Mangan
  7. Painted Video
    Daniel von Sturmer
  8. Painted Video
    Daniel von Sturmer
  9. Painted Video
    Daniel von Sturmer
  10. Painted Video
    Daniel von Sturmer
  11. An Embroidery of Voids
    Daniel Crooks
  12. Beneath the radar
    Janet Lilo
  13. Ascents and descents in realtime
    Alex Monteith
  14. Static No.16 (fisher-yates shuffle)
    Daniel Crooks
  15. Ground Zero (Clouds)
    Jae Hoon Lee
  16. Agility Drill
    Laresa Kosloff

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