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  1. Crocheted Paintings from 'Cottage...
    Ani O'Neill
  2. Crocheted Painting from 'Comfort Zone'...
    Ani O'Neill
  3. welcome rest from 'Comfort Zone' 2001
    Ani O'Neill
  4. Ladybug (Pornament)
    Hany Armanious
  5. Measuring Tools
    Richard Killeen
  6. Addons
    Mikala Dwyer
  7. How Do We Learn?
    Richard Killeen
  8. Hei Tiki
    Jacqueline Fraser
  9. Science (pool complex)
    Paul Cullen
  10. Prior Knowledge
    Richard Killeen
  11. Counting Device
    Andrew Drummond
  12. The Politics Of Naming
    Richard Killeen
  13. Untitled (The Scream)
    Julian Dashper
  14. They Comfort Me
    Michael Parekowhai
  15. E Rua Ngaa Taniwha
    Jacqueline Fraser
  16. Fragile Vessels
    Andrew Drummond

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