Chartwell Art Download Project - Clinton Watkins

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Clinton Watkins

Single channel DVD 42 sec
Part of the Chartwell Art Download Project 2011

The video work by Clinton Watkins presented by Chartwell in conjunction with the artist and Starkwhite for Auckland Art Fair is now available to download free directly from our website. The video is an M4V format and is compressed as a .zip file.

Click here to download video (4MB)

Since 1994 Clinton Watkins has produced artwork that investigates affects that combinations of sonic and visual information can have on an audience. The key conceptual issues of his work are drawn from an interest in constructing immersive experiences through the use of sound, colour and scale of installation incorporating video projection, television monitors and custom-made audio and video hardware. The visual and sound base of his work focuses on the characteristics, structures, phenomena, and processing of sonic and visual material through the exploration of repetition, distortion, colour, duration and form via a minimalist sensibility.