Recent Acquisitions

Steve Carr - Shuttlecocks and Sakura

Shuttlecocks and Sakura 2010 Carved shina and sakura Dimensions vary Michael Lett more

Eddie Clemens - Fibre Optic Broom #2

Fibre Optic Broom #2 Beech wood, fibre optic bristles, RGB LED's, customised circuit board, brass tubing Sue Crockford Gallery more

Noel Ivanoff - Concave (crate) painting 3

Concave (crate) painting 3 2010 Acrylic paint on 3mm hoop pine plywood mounted within a plywood and pine crate construction 1720 x 660 x 450mm Installation view Two Rooms more

Gregory Bennett - Totem 5

Totem 5 2010 Digital print on archival photographic paper mounted dibond 609 x 609mm Two Rooms more

Simon Morris - Daily Painting no. 11, 13, 14 for Barrie Morris

Daily Painting #11 2009 Acrylic on linen 360 x 360mm Daily Painting #13 2009 Acrylic on linen 360 x 360mm Daily Painting #14 2009 Acrylic on linen 360 x 360mm Installation view Two Rooms more

Ian Burns - Makin' Tracks

Makin' Tracks 2010 Found objects, live video and audio 120 x 63 x 55cm Edition of 6 Image courtesy of the artist, Anna Schwartz Gallery Melbourne and Sydney and Mother's Tankstation. Anna Schwartz Gallery more

Peter Atkins - Hume Highway Project

Hume Highway Project (installation view) 2010 Silk screen prints on Italian Annigonni paper 30 x 30cm (each) Boxed set of 12 prints handmade by the artist Tolarno Galleries more

Elliot Collins - Whatever it is

Whatever it is 2010 Oil on canvas 100 x 145cm Tim Melville Gallery more

Alicia Frankovich - Revolution, Lover & Piston

Revolution 2010 Martini Rosso, pool lining, tray, pump, piping, fixtures, silicon Lover 2010 Coat hanger, neon Piston 2009 Found objects, hook, ball from Milan Starkwhite more

Ben Cauchi - The way of all things & A remnant

The way of all things 2010 Wet collodion on acrylic 25 x 20cm (plate), 51 x 41.5cm (framed) The remnant 2009 Wet collodion on acrylic 27.5 x 36cm Auckland Art Gallery Senior Curator Ron Brownson on Ben Cauchi at Outpost, the AAG staff blog Darren Knight Gallery more

Cornelia Parker - Bullet Drawing

Bullet Drawing 2010 Lead from a bullet drawn into wire Two Rooms more

Charlie Sofo - Birds

Birds 2008 DVD, 1m 29s looped Working across a range of mediums including video, sculpture and text, Melbourne artist Charlie Sofo makes artworks out of the incidental details of life, finding meaning in simple processes, materials and actions. Sofo’s projects focus on... more

Paratene Matchitt - Te Pakanga XXVI, Me Mate Etahi O Tatou. Kia Ora Ai & Te Pakanga III Mata Ane Te Ao. Pungarehu Anake Te Ao

Te Pakanga III Mate Ana Te Ao. Pungarehu Anake Te Ao Te Pakanga XXVI Me Mate Ētahi o Tātau, Kia Ora Ai Ētahi O Tātau Te Pakanga by Paratene Matchitt, is a series of drawings completed in 1974. The drawings were commissioned by School Publications in Wellington as illustrations... more

Matt Henry - Untitled diptych (Black & White) & Untitled relief from the series 16:9 (Green)

Untitled diptych (Black & White) 2010 Acrylic on linen 590 x 1188 mm Untitled relief from the series 16:9 (Green) 2010 Acrylic on linen 1294 x 1150 mm Starkwhite more

Paul Cullen - Geographer (02) & r/p/m (03)

Geographer (02) 1995 Metal chair, world globe, motor, electric cord 700 x 800 x 600mm r/p/m (03) 2010 Plastic bucket, formica table, electric motor, sand cord 980 x 650 x 765mm more

Boris Dornbusch - In almost every season there can be a singular moment when something unexpected fails to materialise

In almost every season there can be a singular moment when something unexpected fails to materialise From the trilogy A view through the trees to a couple standing in the snow 2009 Canvas, pressed aluminium, masking tape, perspex 75.5 x 75.5cm Detail: Starkwhite more

Daniel Malone - Hotel Polonia

Hotel Polonia 2007-2010 Oil on linen, wooden stretcher, polyester-felt and rubber floor mat, DVD with sound, altered ready-mades. Details: Click here to open the pdf document that outlines this work in more detail... Sue Crockford Gallery more

Sara Hughes - Feedback Runaway Study

Feedback Runaway Study 2009 Acrylic paint on Fabriano 300 gm Paper 760 x 560 mm Gift of the artist more

Joe Sheehan - Slideshow Carousel II

Slideshow Carousel II 2009 80 Jade and Pounamu slides, slide projector 60 x 240mm Installation, 2009, Tim Melville Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand Tim Melville Gallery more

Julian Dashper - Untitled 2009

Untitled 2009 White on Black acrylic on canvas 1000 x 1000cm Sue Crockford Gallery more

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