Recent Acquisitions

Don Driver - Screen

Screen 1985 Mixed media 2060 x 2240mm Installation images from Don Driver - Selected Works 1968 - 2008 at Hamish McKay Gallery, 28 May - 21 June 2008. more

Oliver Perkins - Yodh

Yodh 2011 Ink and size on calico 4500 x 400mm From the group exhibition Big Refrigerator at Hopkinson Cundy, 8 December 2011 - 3 February 2012. more

Richard Tuttle - Folded Space

Folded Space 1993 Double sided lithograph with collage and text, printed in blue, green, and red ink on archival and recycled papers 305 x 495mm Image: © Richard Tuttle, courtesy The Pace Gallery more

Eve Armstrong - The day is our house

The day is our house 2011 Light shades, white chip, light bulbs, extension cords, power points, hooks Variable dimensions Installation images from Making Arrangements at Michael Lett Michael Lett more

Jake Walker - Landscape Painting 4

Landscape Painting 4 2011 Paint on laptop more

Campbell Patterson - Pile (Dust), Shampoo Disaster & Sandwich

Pile (Dust) 2009 DVD 3:4, 1min 56sec Shampoo Disaster 2009 DVD 3:4, 2min 13sec Sandwich 2009 DVD single channel 3:4, 18min 8sec Michael Lett more

Patricia Dauder - Red 1 Teahuppo & Green 2 Teahuppo

Red 1 Teahuppo 2010 Watercolour Green 2 Teahuppo 2010 Watercolour Included in the exhibition Test Transmission at Artspace, Auckland more

John Nixon - Colour Rhythm Discs #3 and #5

Colour Rhythm Discs #3 and #5 2009 Enamel on vinyl and MDF more

Starlie Geikie - You are the only other control freak I trust

You are the only other control freak I trust 2011 Rope, wax Starlie Geikie with Helen Walter - Helen built the final sculpture based on instructions and the below diagram from Starlie. Installation images from Reason and Rhyme at ST Paul St Gallery Utopian Slumps more

Joe Sheehan - Words Fail

Words Fail 2011 15 x carved Carrara marble letters Installation dimensions variable “Joe Sheehan is as interested in words and their conceptual purchase as he is in the artworks he produces; vitally aware of the significance of attaching names to things, and vice versa. Record... more

John Ward Knox - MacBeth, no title (cane, chair) & no title (wooden frame, silver necklace, pearl)

MacBeth 2011 Ink and paper no title (cane, chair) 2011 no title (wooden frame, silver necklace, pearl) 2011 Ivan Anthony Gallery more

Steve Carr - Screen Shots

Screen Shots 2011 9 channel HD Files transferred to Blu-Ray Ed of 3 AP Michael Lett more

Simon Denny - Corporate Video Decisions Double Canvas

Corporate Video Decisions Double Canvas: Creating The Corporate Video Plan 2011 Inkjet print on two canvases, bolts, aluminium 600 x 990 x 85mm Corporate Video Decisions Double Canvas: Will Audio Catch Up To Video? 2011 Inkjet print on two canvases, bolts, aluminium 600 x 990 x 85mm... more

Dan Arps - Weak Idea Grid Study I & II

Weak Idea Grid Study I 2011 Paper, acrylic on canvas, epoxy, steel, wood 610 x 515 x 65mm Weak Idea Grid Study II 2011 Aluminium, steel, oil paint, acrylic paint, epoxy, self adhesive vinyl Two pieces: 485 x 365 x 60mm, dimensions variable (vinyl) Michael Lett more

Julian Hooper - Vlad 4 & First Home

Vlad 4 2011 Acrylic on board 500 x 400mm First Home 2011 Acrylic on paper 820 x 615mm Ivan Anthony Gallery more

Jake Walker - Untitled Landscape

Untitled Landscape 2010-11 Oil on board, framed 310 x 410mm "Jake Walker’s latest works explore concepts of paintings within paintings, as well as the notion of incidental painting. Works on board are composed of what started as palettes for earlier paintings, generating automatic or... more

Sally Smart - Performance (Flaubert’s Puppets) #2

Photo: Performance (Flaubert’s Puppets) #2 (left); Sally Smart (right) Performance (Flaubert’s Puppets) #2  2011  Synthetic polymer paint and ink on fabric, canvas and cotton velvet with collage elements  2400mm x 1050mm "My recent series of assemblage... more

Brook Andrew - 18 Lives in Paradise

18 Lives in Paradise Cardboard boxes 50 x 50 x 50 cm Colour lithography on cardboard Ed of 50, five boxes selected from three sets 18 Lives in Paradise (the installation) at Artspace, Sydney more

Don Driver - Wet Suit & Horned Wheel

Horned Wheel, 1986, and Wet Suit, 1991 - scroll down for details Wet Suit 1991 Mixed media 1480 x 390 x 230mm Horned Wheel 1986 Mixed media, title inscribed 1120 x 440 x 440mm more

Andrew Blythe - Untitled & Untitled

Untitled 2004 Acrylic on paper 800 x 1030mm Untitled 2004 Indian ink on paper 800 x 1030mm Tim Melville Gallery more

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