Recent Acquisitions

Yvonne Todd - Denim Seagull

Denim Seagull 2013 HD Digital video, framed Panasonic 55” LED TV 130 x 77 x 6cm Ed 1 of 3 AP Credit: With the generous assistance of Ivan Anthony more

Don Driver - Tooled Skin Pocket

Tooled Skin Pocket 1982 Mixed media assemblage 1740 x 1300mm more

Gavin Hipkins - Romance: Vienna (Octopus)

Romance: Vienna (Octopus) 2013 Archival mounted pigment print 900 x 1350mm Ed of 3 more

Rebecca Baumann - Automated Colour Field (Variation 1)

Automated Colour Field (Variation 1) 2013 28 flip clocks, laser-cut paper, batteries 90 x 143 x 9cm more

Julian Dashper - Sound Barrier

Sound Barrier 1990 Acrylic, canvas and found frame 92.3 x 132.5cm more

Gabriella Mangano & Silvana Mangano - Sculpture Sequence

Sculpture Sequence 2012 Single-channel High Definition digital video, 16:9, colour 4 minutes more

Rohan Wealleans - Bearer of Light

Bearer of Light 2013 Acrylic on canoe 220 x 56 x 26 cm more

Julian Dashper - Young Nick's Head

Young Nick's Head 1987 Gelatin silver print 130 x 200mm more

Theo Schoon - Done up in pins and curlers

Done up in pins and curlers Exhibited 1965 Oil and ink on paper 610 x 480mm more

Christian Marclay - Postcards

Postcards 2003 Lithographs (diptych) 650 x 945mm each print Ed of 100 more

Veronica Herber - Small Adjustments

Small Adjustments 2012 Washi tape and 0.5 pencil on Hahnemule paper more

Andrew McLeod - Camowhaiwhai

Camowhaiwhai 1999 Acrylic, pencil and letraset on paper 1200mm x 900mm more

Tahi Moore - Unexpected expression in a Bunuel film

Unexpected expression in a Bunuel film 2012 Duratrans print in custom light box 280 x 450 x 180mm Hopkinson Mossman » more

Jessica Stockholder - A - H

A - H 2013 Ladder, Number 5 brass, gray plastic toy modules, yarn, string, green electrical cord, ochre Plexiglas, rope, acrylic paint, fake fur, card board angle, zip ties, TV mount, white hook, yellow tacks 84.5 high x 27 wide x 49 inches deep "In general, I've been exploring how... more

Angelica Mesiti - Prepared Piano for Movers (Haussmann)

Prepared Piano for Movers (Haussmann) 2012 Single-channel High Definition video 9:16, colour, stereo sound Edition 1 of 3 6 minutes more

Martin Thompson - Untitled

Untitled Circa late 1990’s Ink on graph paper more

Günther Förg - Untitled

Untitled 1991 Woodcut Edition of 30 In partnership with Chinati more

Nyapanyapa Yunupingu - Light Painting

Light Painting 2010 Digital projection on glass (plus 3 acetates) Dimensions variable Edition of 5 Images courtesy the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney. more

Bill Culbert - Bucket, Croagnes

Bucket, Croagnes 2012 Type C print Ed 30/75 Signed and numbered on artist's original label attached verso and inscribed 'This special edition print was created for the Patrons of New Zealand's official presence at the Venice Biennale 2013, in recognition of their support to the project.' more

Peter Robinson - Ritual and Formation

Ritual and Formation 2013 Felt, wood 2600 x 9750 x 500mm overall, installation dimensions vary Credit Line: Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki and Chartwell Gift Collection more

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