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Julian Dashper - Untitled (Interviews)

Untitled (Interviews)
2001 - 2002
Double DVD duration approx 4 hours ed of 3

Unique to a NZ public collection

As Andrew Clifford states, in his 2014 Dashper text "Nothing is going to happen"

"Towards the end of Julian Dashper’s 'Untitled Interviews' 2001-2002, Dashper contemplates the potential for documentation in a digital age. Should he keep all the emails he has exchanged with other artists, curators or institutions – we have the technology so why not? But if you keep everything, it becomes impossible to understand what you thought was important. Do you keep everything or do you edit it?
This is at the end of a pair of videos that total more than 3.5 hours of the artist talking to a camera against a white backdrop – there are no cuts except when one of the four interviews (with Hamish Kilgour, Steffen Boddeker, Wendy Katz and Simone Horrocks) segues into the next, the only notable variation being the changing length of his hair and the quality of the footage, which has him looking quite green through one section. It is like a raw archive of Dashper’s thoughts as he verbally negotiates his way through a series of question, a thought process we see in almost real time, and then repeated in subsequent interviews, when answers, like facial hair, may have changed." 


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