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James R. Ford - Fake Late (painted arrangement # 1)

Fake Late (painted arrangement # 1)
Oil on canvas
760mm x 1020mm

The artist writes: "The subtly evocative Painted Arrangements are at once straight-forward and cryptic. They brim with abstract formalities and semiotics that switch between recognition and obscurity. Artworks usually manifest as some points of reference for the viewer to interpret in a predefined way; we ask them to join the dots but they will inevitably join them, or not, in their own way. Kandinsky’s writings in Point and Line to Plane offer some insight into the possible reasoning behind interpretations of mark making. Like ‘Schrödinger’s Cat’, until these paintings are perceived as something by the viewer, they are in flux, undefined. At the same time specific and nonspecific, they could be seen as representational guides, chance pareidolia, or simply abstract arrangements. They have the potential to be considered as paintings as they are or what they could become, visualised in the mind of the viewer."


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