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Paratene Matchitt - Te Pakanga XXVI, Me Mate Etahi O Tatou. Kia Ora Ai & Te Pakanga III Mata Ane Te Ao. Pungarehu Anake Te Ao

Te Pakanga III Mate Ana Te Ao. Pungarehu Anake Te Ao Te Pakanga XXVI Me Mate Ētahi o Tātau, Kia Ora Ai Ētahi O Tātau Te Pakanga by Paratene Matchitt, is a series of drawings completed in 1974. The drawings were commissioned by School Publications in Wellington as illustrations... more

Matt Henry - Untitled diptych (Black & White) & Untitled relief from the series 16:9 (Green)

Untitled diptych (Black & White) 2010 Acrylic on linen 590 x 1188 mm Untitled relief from the series 16:9 (Green) 2010 Acrylic on linen 1294 x 1150 mm Starkwhite more

Charlie Sofo - Birds

Birds 2008 DVD, 1m 29s looped Working across a range of mediums including video, sculpture and text, Melbourne artist Charlie Sofo makes artworks out of the incidental details of life, finding meaning in simple processes, materials and actions. Sofo’s projects focus on... more

Cornelia Parker - Bullet Drawing

Bullet Drawing 2010 Lead from a bullet drawn into wire Two Rooms more

Ben Cauchi - The way of all things & A remnant

The way of all things 2010 Wet collodion on acrylic 25 x 20cm (plate), 51 x 41.5cm (framed) The remnant 2009 Wet collodion on acrylic 27.5 x 36cm Auckland Art Gallery Senior Curator Ron Brownson on Ben Cauchi at Outpost, the AAG staff blog Darren Knight Gallery more