See What I Can See

Gregory O’Brien - See What I Can See, book cover

Gregory O’Brien’s book See What I Can See is an introduction to New Zealand photography for young and curious photographers, students of New Zealand art history, or anyone who wants to sample the extraordinary range of images made in this country by our photographers. The book is a celebration of the camera – the New Zealand that it captures, and the artists who wield it.

Thanks to the Chartwell Trust, this webpage is See What I Can See’s second home. Author Gregory O’Brien had so many ideas and images that not all of them could be included in the book, so he has put together some extra notes about the photos in the book, some recommendations of books, websites and online films to further your knowledge about photography in New Zealand, and even some activities – things to do or think about now that you’ve begun your journey into learning about New Zealand’s rich history of photography. Enjoy!

"I like the magic of photography and its capacity to align the surface appearances of the world with an interior experience of time, memory, and being that exists beyond the visible."
Anne Noble