Patronage Archive

The Auckland Triennial

Auckland Art Gallery
March - May 2010

Alica Frankovich

Revolution (Martini Fountain)
4th Auckland Triennial 2010
Martini Rossi and Martini Bianco Bottles, water, Martini Rosso colour, pool lining, mild steel tray, pump, piping, fixtures, silicon, crimps, brass 
255cm x 350cm

Play On
Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, NZ
May - July 2010

Julian Dashper, The Big Bang Theory, Chartwell Collection, in Play On

Anthony McCall, Drawing with Light

Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, NZ
February - April 2010

Blue Planet

Christchurch Art Gallery, NZ
November 2009 - February 2011

Blue Planet is shaped with younger audiences in mind. It includes art by Reuben Paterson, Jae Hoon Lee, Helen Calder, Francis Upritchard, Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Gavin Hipkins, Richard Maloy, Len Castle, Megan Jenkinson, Peter Madden, Rohan Wealleans, Max Gimblett, Shona Firman, Colin McCahon and Eileen Mayo, together with traditional Nigerian sculpture and Japanese prints.

Biennale of Sydney

Sydney, Australia
May - August 2010

Biennale of Sydney 2010 signage by Jonathan Barnbrook

The Chartwell Trust Student Art Writing Prize

The Chartwell Trust Student Art Writing Prize of $500 is awarded annually for a review or essay addressing an exhibition at the Adam Art Gallery or a work from the Victoria University of Wellington Art Collection. The prize is open to all Victoria University Wellington students studying Art History, Classics, Religious Studies, Museum and Heritage Studies, English, Film, Theatre, and Media Studies. It is administered by the Adam Art Gallery, VUW, Wellington, New Zealand.